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11 years ago
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Graphology is an area of psychology that deals with the analysis of handwriting. The session is about how to understand yourself and everyone else around you better using simple applied psychology.

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  • Graphology is pseudoscience, why is this even allowed here?

    If it was forensic documentation examination, I would’ve agreed. But there isn’t a single scientific evidence linking ones handwriting to his/her psychology.

  • All sciences can be practised badly and graphology is no exception. Indeed, there are thousands of people who practise it like occult and make grandiose predictions with it. Be rest assured that this is not what I seek to do. Graphology, when done well, can be used for forensic evidence, and even for criminal psychological profiling. FBI has used it for decades now. For example, Andrea McNichol is one of the leading graphologists and has been consulted in high profile criminal cases. But before we go to complicated cases like those, let’s get a look at the basics, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

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