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Don’t break the web
By : avranju
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The web has come a long way. From the wild west days of proprietary technologies, inconsistent implementations and “write once, debug everywhere (and then write more)” we’ve come to a point where, well, we perhaps debug a tad less. Where do we go from here? What lessons have we learnt and what pitfalls must we avoid? How does the standards process work? How do we use these standards in a responsible fashion? What are the best practices for building web apps that work cross browser and are accessible to a broad audience? Join this talk to see what we must perhaps be cautious about so that we don’t end up with a broken web (well, any more broken that it is at any rate).

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  • Given the number of web developers attending BCB13, I’m surprised that there aren’t many attending this session

    Would you cover just JS, or even CSS frameworks?

  • Hey,

    Thanks for proposing the session. Please come early at 8AM to register your session. We will collect all 36 sessions purely on a first-come-first-serve-basis and run scheduling algorithm to minimize clashes and determine the time at which you’ll present the session.

    Coming in late might result in you not being able to present your talk, so please be on time.

    Thanks and enjoy Barcamp Bangalore 13

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