Mobile Enterprise Applications : Performance Know-How
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12 years ago
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 The tablet industry is expected to grow 38% between now and 2015, growing from 67 million units to 248.6, according to Transparency Marketing Research.
 According to a recent study, more than 1.19 billion workers – 34.9% of the global workforce – will be using mobile technology by 2013. This will create a lot of users traffic .
 Mobile analytics gives enterprise organizations the ability to analyze, collaborate, and act within a single workflow for better decisions – across lines of business and in any industry, which involves a high volume of business data in the backend.
 Utilizing mobile devices requires that by considering limited CPU speed, reduced memory and storage, narrow bandwidth and high latency connections, and limited battery life.
 This creates the potential business case to achieve good performance and scalability with mobile business applications.
 The Product Standard Performance is one of the focus standards for OnDevice Applications. Overall architecture is complex and consists of different stacks(Front end(device), Middleware, Backend(CRM/ERP). It is very essential to conduct performance test to identify and tune performance in each layer.
 Performance Testing approaches and relevant performance KPIs for mobile applications
 Different testing tools, analysis tools and analysis approaches
Key takeaways
 Understand mobile applications and different platforms
 Importance of performance and scalability in enterprise mobile applications
 Different performance test approaches for mobile application to achieve better performance and scalability
 Understand Performance KPIs for Mobile Applications
 Performance Testing for Mobile Applications at SAP

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