Observational Astronomy 101
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15 years ago
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Post Event update:

Please check my blog post for updates on the Stellarium scripts and other trivia that was discussed during the session.

Time: 2 p.m. Room: Delphi (a.k.a. Executive Briefing Center next to Reception)

Don’t get bored the next time you’re out of the city. Look up at the night sky, revel in it’s beauty, and enchant others with stories about stars and constellations 😉


Update: Participants with laptops can download and install Stellarium for their OS. Android users can check out Google Sky Map or similar apps in the Market. For iPhone users, Redshift may be your answer.


  • 15 mins: Intro + Tools of the trade
  • 25-30 mins: Pick planets/constellations/nebulae/clusters/objects from a list. Discuss them with the help of simulations and photographs
  •  Remaining 5-10 mins: What next? How can I learn more/relate my existing hobbies with Astronomy?

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