iOS Basics: From C to Objective-C to under an iPhoneApp.
Presented by: dsaw
15 years ago
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Update: Will try to put some Java perspective as well.

# Target: A progressive flow of understanding from C to basics of Obj-C, to getting under the hoods of a simple iphoneApp.

# Prerequisite: C basics.

# Aimed at you if
– you are looking to get started with ios app development
– you are finding the iOS learning curve a little steep in the early stages
– you have already got your hands dirty, and now you really want to understand more
– you are just curious enough

# Things I am planning to take up:
– C’s progression to Obj-C
– Obj-C’s comparison and CocoaTouch basics
– some basic design patterns used in iosDev(read MVC and rest-depending upon the available time and attendance)

# Pro ios programmers will be bored, but are more than welcome for their insights.

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