Hidden Secrets of the Vijayanagara Empire… and the design challenges in digital storytelling
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15 years ago
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This session is an attempt to rekindle the forgotten art of losing ourselves in stories! …and briefly explore the key challenges (and possible solutions) involved in retaining the sense of awe and wonder while sharing stories online in different formats.

Set aside your programming skills (for a while) and come with a fresh mind to explore the design challenges involved in making the digital world a better place for stories!

The Vijayanagara Empire is often credited to have been one of the richest empires in the world at it’s peak. Many stories and myths have evolved to explain their astonishing rise to power and their eventual downfall…. What are those stories and why should we care?

What will you take away from the session?:
(Hopefully…) a bunch of interesting ideas for you to build some cool apps/solutions to facilitate better storytelling… in both digital and analog worlds.

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