XDP: High performance programmable network data path
Presented by: sourabhtk37
5 years ago
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Ebpf is currently a hot topic in the kernel community and more and more companies are adopting the technology for various use cases that it provides. One major feature is the ability to do atomic operation by adding a program into the kernel from user space without rebooting. This is possible due to the ebpf infrastructure which includes verifier to prevent rogue bpf program to run in kernel. 

I will be exploring one such use case, Networking. XDP is a new mechanism for high performance networking that aims to work in concert with the Kernel network stack working at the lowest software layer before allocation of socket buffers. Will be exploring the what it does, how to write an xdp program, how it compares with other high performance networking(DPDK) mechanisms in the market. Given time will also share performance numbers and offloading capabilities.

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