Cantor’s World Game Session
Presented by: Harsha K
5 years ago
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A journey toward sustainability.

At the Rio+20 Summit in 2012, a trio of organizations under the UN umbrella released an Inclusive Wealth Report. The report spoke about an ‘Inclusive Wealth Index’ (IWI) to measure a nation’s development. Indicators already in use to understand development and progress such as GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and HDI (Human Development Index) do not consider environmental issues and its subsequent impact on our future.

The IWI is a way to acknowledge and articulate the interconnectedness of the economy, environment, and human well-being. The game Cantor’s World has been designed for students and policy makers to learn how the IWI complements other indices. In the game players can experiment with different policy choices and experience first hand the tug-of-war between short-term results and long-term sustainability.

Note: As this is a digital game, participants are requested to come with a laptop or tablet. We will try to arrange for some machines. However, there may be limited machines.

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