The fascinating experiences of an amateur historian. Is there one in you?
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5 years ago
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Come and listen to the fascinating experiences and learnings  of a citizen turned amateur historian. Discover why local city history can be exciting and exhilarating to piece together. Understand why it is imporant and how everyone of us can play a key role in unravelling it.

History is our story. It can be pure magic. Take a plunge into this fascinating world with an open mind. And there is no coming back!

The speaker will be sharing personal experiences of piecing together the historical timeline of a city, the discoveries from the journey, the excitement in piecing yogether the jigsaw puzzle, the  digging through sources and material, teleporting oneself in time to  different century reading archive material and learnings from the journey.

The session will help the attendee:

  • Appreciate and develop interest in history no matter how much your history teacher made you hate it.
  • Apprciate the importance of history (aka wjhere you came from) in whatever life journey you are heading towards (aka where you want to go)
  • Understand the aspects of history that are undocumented.
  • How you can contribute to piecing together local history.

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