Education- Students expectation Vs Corporate Reality
Presented by: saurav.deb
5 years ago
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This session talks about the education system in present and the need for it’s development. This is going to be a in-depth session about the the positive and negative side of education system of India.

Education is now a days converted into a business. Thereby making it a profitable way of living.

Parents now a days throw their in-complete dreams on theirs children’s which is giving rise to teen suicide.

Points that demands in depth discussion in the session

    1. 3 myths of Indian education system
    2. Students expectation vs Corporate Wants
    3. RigidĀ  curriculum creating robots
    4. Dare toĀ  fail amongĀ  students
    5. Un boxing things in education
  1. Q & A

I have a dream of openingĀ  a word class university in India with the wants of current generation. So I request everyone to come to the session to learn the un learn and provide valuable interaction & feedback.

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