Self-Exlploration -The mystical transformation of being.
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5 years ago
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Eduladders self-exploration workshops are the workshops designed with art, color combined with meditation techniques to raise a question and get answers on your self with the primary intention of who you are and what you want to be. And use those answers to improve the quality of your life and beings around you.

This session will be having four sessions.

1)About my entrepreneurial journey and eduladder technologies.

How I started out as an entrepreneur and how I build a platform which is being used by more than 2lakh users in a month. Includes data which is being provided from google analytics

What all are the technologies which we are used to build this website can be read from the below link

This link talks about the spiritual journey which I have gone through.

2)About self-exploration workshop how can you transform yourself to get something out of life?

This link talks about what is the workshop is all about and who can attend the same.

3)The ways you can relate with us and work forward

This is about how can you become part of us and how we can work together

Learn about our work culture as well.

Upcoming workshop

4)Question and answer session.

You can ask questions and answers about this particular session.

Other attachments

This is a brousher from our first workshop which is conducted on shoonya center for art and somatic practice.

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