Unlock the Mystery of Nutrition
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5 years ago
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95% of the people want to be treated. 5% take real actions to support their health.

Demystify all about the inevitable nutrition for all ages, from basic to advanced in detail.

Get answers to all the questions relevant to Nutrition, which is a common terminology used everywhere

what best can nutrition do? What is a supplement, how much is to be taken, when to start, when to stop, what is preventive healthcare, how to address health, ailments, pain, lifestyle disorders, depression, stress, Neural disorders,  feminine health, age related ailments, etc. with nutrition,  what are the criteria for best nutrition. Where nutrition can combine with other systems to provide health. how to handle subhealth conditions? do you know about child, adult and old age nutrition. Provide daily RDA requirement for all spectrum of people. What are the process involved in maintaining good health. what is non GMO and gluten free products, how are they affecting health. how can nutrition come in to handle the hazards of these side affects of internal food and drugs taken. How does nutrition handle the micro and macro mineral lack? Nutrition focusing at cell level, organ level and system levels.  Address every intake element from water to food and see how nutrition can play a major role in improving life overall. 

Know more by not missing our session. 

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  • I would like to know what your locus at the speaker of this session. Are you a medical practitioner or a business (going by your username)? Those attending the session could benefit from knowing if your talk can be used as medical advise. Thanks.

  • Hello Rohini,
    Definitely people who attend would be benefited very much with a good insight as to how nutrition can change the way it is looked at, how it can help in managing a good health, fight ailments, handle deficiencies, also you will be able to know a few of the component how it works and how nutrition can be used to address health in day to day lives.

  • Is the speaker a medical practitioner?

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