Managing my home server using Terraform and Docker
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6 years ago
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I’ve been running a low-availability Home Server setup for the past 4 months on a PC Build in Bangalore. I’ve written about my experience in a series of blog posts which I’ll be summarizing for the talk.

If you’re interested in my self-hosting setup, I’m using Terraform + Docker, the code is hosted on the same server, and I’ve been writing about my experience and learnings:

  1. Part 1, Hardware
  2. Part 2, Terraform/Docker
  3. Part 3, Learnings
  4. Part 4, Migrating from Google (and more)
  5. Part 5, Upgrading to Kubernetes

The server is hosted using a mix of Digital Ocean and ACT Bangalore. The target audience is:

  • DevOps folks interested in terraform/docker
  • People running their own personal infrastructure (this includes Raspberry Pi) as servers
  • People wanting to get off Google

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