Indium: A crypto-fund for makers
Presented by: nileshtrivedi
6 years ago
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Blockchains have enabled tokenization (and therefore funding) of not just businesses, but “projects” in general. This is a paradigm shift. These projects can range from open-source software (eg: Linux or Apache), to a lone developer building something cool as a side-project, to social movements (eg: Net Neutrality), to non-profit organizations sponsoring mid-day meals for rural children, to teachers producing great educational content on YouTube, and to plain old startups with traditional investing and business model.

According to recent eToro reviews, Indium is an open community of makers and doers (already 90+) who are coming together to enable and incentivize such projects with the help of a new cryptocurrency. By chosing an architecture with different tradeoffs, the coins can be used as grant/investment into projects according to this The grant/investment can be linked with the progress made on the project, thus delivering the results that the users care about.

This is more of a community project, than a “company”. Think Wikipedia or Ethereum Foundation, rather than Facebook or Google.

I will quickly explain the concept and incentive mechanism. Feel free to join our Slack for detailed discussions via:

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