From Hyrule to Munchkins
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Games serve purposes beyond entertainment, engagement and exploration. It is an immensely powerful medium that helps people escape and operate in a universe that is, to put it simply, unimaginable for them to exist in, keeping in purview our existing notion of reality.


This discourse deals with a discussion on the following points.


  1. What is a game? A brief history of games
  2. How are games different from toys?
  3. How are games different from other media of entertainment?
  4. What is the scope of games in our lives? What can they do and what can’t they do?
  5. Are games even important?
  6. Some “different” games that explore the genre and what games are capable of doing?

While the answers to these questions are not conclusive, I want to be able to plant these questions in people’s minds and implore them to see games as more active participants in the world we are trying to create.

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