Kite: DIY 3D Printed Smartphones
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6 years ago
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Kite is a DIY kit that lets makers build their own custom smartphone, and more.  Kite is the world’s first DIY modular smartphone platform.  With Kite, off-the-shelf electronics components (sensors, displays, batteries),  and a 3D printer, you can build your own custom device… which could be more than just a smartphone. More details are at

Here is a short video that shows the kit :

Unlike commercial modular phones, Kite does not restrict its users to a predefined form of modularity.  Instead, a fluid type of modularity is achieved by relying on

  •  3D printing for casing
  • Raspberry Pi compatible HAT connector for custom electronics
  • IPX connectors for antenna
  • Generic support for LiPoly batteries
  • Generic connector for display & cameras
  • Support for common audio interfaces like speaker, mic & earpiece

Drop by this session to see the whole concept live ! I will show some devices built with Kite and do live teardowns…

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