Healthcare Blockchain’d
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6 years ago
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Just as it has disrupted and improved so many other industries, the blockchain is set to transform healthcare for the better in 2018, and well into the future.

Patient records have been stored digitally by doctors for years, and a wealth of data, including medical research and information on patient outcomes, has already been gathered. This data can be stored on distributed ledgers – on the blockchain – to keep it secure, but also accessible in such a way so as to make medical care more effective.

Provide secure use of medical records which can be used for diagnosis by doctors or AI. Store medical research on distributed ledgers to be processed by AI. Make it possible to access medical records wherever you are on the planet.

Here’s a list of some of the ways the healthcare industry will be using  Blockchain.

  • Patient owned and Patient Generated data 
  • Clinical Trials and Medical Research
  • Public Health Alert System
  • Life-saving Medical Data
  • Prescription Registry 
  • Administrative Processing 

Of course the holy grail of decentralized healthcare systems is providing healthcare providers universal access to their patient medical records and enabling coordinated care between all providers. 

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