Facts and Fallacies of Growth Hacking
Presented by: Amber Jain
6 years ago
| 28 interested

An interactive session covering misconceptions about “Growth” as well as the mindset, framework & tools needed for Growth Hacking Engineering. I will share the real-world growth tactics that we implemented at Indian startups.

“Growth hacks” drive viral growth early in a product’s path to product-market fit. However, a scientific approach to growth is needed to sustain long-term growth and reach millions of users. In fact, “Hacking” implies a haphazard intuition/gut driven approach, but the reality is quite the opposite. Startups that have successfully cracked growth developed teams and processes that are intentional, data-driven, and thrive on A/B testing or experimentation.

Target audience includes:

  • Founders interested in growing their startup
  • If you work in Digital Marketing (and Marketing in general), and want to understand how to leverage technology/automation to boost your traction.
  • Aspiring or current Growth Hackers.

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