Drones for Almost Everything
Presented by: Shadab Ansari
1 year ago
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Currently, the drone applications are self-restricted due to battery limit and inability of two drones to exchange a physical objects between each other  

Imagine if a drone can be supplied continuously with charged batteries and also if drones could handover physical objects to each other while flying in midair. 
Our patent pending technology enables any two drones, hovering in midair to transfer, payloads or batteries between them.

This means that any particular drone can be supplied with new batteries in mid-air and hence it can fly perpetually without interrupting its mission.
Also, drone deliveries will be sub-distributed at last mile and can be done at increased distances. 
It has massive applications in military, surveillance, drone delivery segment, inspection use cases etc.

The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is helping us with funds and infrastructure facilities for research and development efforts and also in commercialising our product. 

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