Building a Highly Scalable Notifications Engine – 100M Notifs/day
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1 year ago
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Context – This talk is a deep dive on how to go about building a highly scalable distributed notifications engine that can send 100M + notifs a day. We will go into the depth of tech stack, architecture, performance and the bottlenecks that the system has. 


  1. Intro about me
  2. Intro about my current org.
    1. Problem Statement
    2. Solution 
    3. Impact
  3. Key Points
    1. What are notifications, and why use push notifications?
    2. Functional Requirements
      1. Back-of-the-envelope calculations
    3. Deep Dive 
      1. HLD
      2. Tech Stack Used
        1. K8
        2. SQS
        3. Dbs
      3. Microservices Involved
      4. Raven – Click Tracking Service
  4. Bottlenecks in this architecture?
  5. Results
  6. Q/A
  • Deep Dive

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