Introducing Omnibus – AI-powered multichannel sales platform
Presented by: Shruti E Karanam
1 year ago
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ACIK Enterprises is a company based out of Bangalore, India that specialises in building massively scalable, low latency web applications among others. Our flagship product is Omnibus – an AI-powered Omnichannel sales platform that enables businesses to drive their sales through multiple channels like eCommerce website, Point of Sale for brick and mortar stores, mobile app and Amazon using our unified admin console.

Without Omnibus, sellers typically use discrete applications to manage their stores in each channel, and this results in 3 main challenges:

  1. Duplication of effort – as the seller needs to add products and modify pricing and inventory in each channel
  2. Out of sync inventory – as an order in one channel doesn’t reflect in another, resulting in overstocking or under stocking of product
  3. Reporting challenges – as sellers need to pull out reports from each channel, and try to stitch together non-homogeneous reports, requiring strong Excel skills

With Omnibus, Sellers can leverage our unified admin console to add products which eliminates the problem of effort duplication, and the inventory is always in sync as a single platform powers multiple channels. Reporting is also simplified as a single console can help not just with data, but also enables slicing and dicing across various dimensions for BI.The platform has multiple features like one-click shipping, rule-based discounts and simple intuitive applications to manage their entire store. We have also developed Omnibus Copilot where we leverage large language models (like OpenAI) and help sellers automatically write product descriptions, social media posts and blog posts. Omnibus also provides automated image resizing among a host of other features.

Beyond this, we have developed multiple other partner products, like Ombre – Omnibus Barcode Reader that enables sellers to import products by scanning barcodes of products. Omnibus Copilot uses barcode information to automatically perform data entry of all scanned products. We have also built Forge, a tool that enables web designers to build eCommerce website templates for Omnibus.

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