Introducing a FOSS API Collaboration Language: Lama2
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1 year ago
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When it comes to defining, testing, and sharing APIs within a team, many developers rely on tools like Postman and Insomnia. While these tools are powerful and widely used, they have some drawbacks. One major issue is that they can be expensive, especially if your team is large or if you need to use advanced features. In addition, these tools often require you to store your data in private clouds, which can raise concerns about security and control. Alternatively, there are some text-based flows that can be used for defining and testing APIs, but these are often limited to command-line interfaces (CLIs) or are tied to specific editors. This can make it difficult to use these tools in a collaborative setting, or to integrate them with other tools in your workflow.

But there is a solution!

  • By using Lama2 in combination with Git and Visual Studio Code, you can define, test, and share APIs within your team without incurring the costs and limitations of other tools.
  • Lama2 is a simple and easy-to-learn language for defining APIs, and it can be invoked from within Visual Studio Code GUI through an extension.
  • Lama2 can import data from tools like Postman, making it easy to migrate to this new workflow.
  • Most teams already use Git, to track changes to your code and collaborate with others, and Visual Studio Code integrates seamlessly with Git
  • These tools provide a powerful and flexible workflow for defining, testing, and sharing APIs within your team, all for free.
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