Explore Pakistani Nuclear Launch Sites using OSINT
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8 months ago
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Ever wondered how Pakistan has designed and developed it’s infrastructure for the nuclear arsenal that it holds?
Well , with the power of Open Source Intelligence, and some background in military equipment identification, we can take a look at a Pakistani Nuclear Launch site sitting very close to Indian soil,

The discussion will be very open to questions, speaker would be able to answer all questions to reasonable depth,

  • Bird’s eye view of the facility,
  • Understanding (and viewing) how well the site is defended by Pakistani Air Defence
  • How a nuclear launchpad looks, (also a nuclear launch vehicle , hiding in plain sight)
  • How warhead assembly, storage sites look like.

Furthermore , using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) by leveraging Google Earth, is a brilliant way to understand your enemy. We can discuss on how to identify military installations, detect enemy aircraft, and identify if the site is holding nuclear inventory.

In addition to this, we shall discuss how India works to counter this.

The information obtained, if collated over time, is incredibly useful to build Situational Awareness pictures and can be turned into infographics.

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