Discussion: How to build healthier organizations?
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7 months ago
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About 66% of working age humanity is employed, and attached on organisations. They are one of, if not the most important mechanisms for human survival and thriving. 

It’s highly likely that each of the participant is attached to some sort of organisation. Through day to day contact with many organisations and shapes, you’ll have formed your own views into organizations.

I want to gather views and opinions on how to make organisations healthier. Of course, I’d be very happy to share some of my views on the topic as well. I’ve authored a book on organisational health as well, named Turnover and other organizational ailments (Free to read on the web).

  • Why do you think people leave organisations? Why do you leave particular places from your own experiences?
  • Do you feel committed to the people in your teams, departments and organizations? If not, how can organisations do better?
  • What do you think of your organizational leaders? How do you think they can improve?
  • What are your experiences and views on organizational stress and conflict? How can we reduce those?
  • How can we reduce absenteeism?
  • Open Discussion

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