The Elusive Hunt for Happiness
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6 months ago
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“Everything that man does, he does out of a need to feel happy. He does not seek success. He seeks the happiness that comes from it. He does not seek to be loved. He seeks the good feeling that comes from it. Without the good feeling, none of these things would hold any sway for man. The man who seeks to feel good… The man who seeks happiness… Will have no choice but to go on a chase. And chases never end.”

We’re all seeking one thing – a happy life. It’s the golden goal, the reason behind every action. Yet, happiness often feels like a never-ending chase, something always out of our grasp, something that we’ll get tomorrow. When was the last time we actually thought critically about what happiness means to us?

I’ll be bringing the ideas of Naval Ravikant, a man with some very incisive thoughts on happiness, and concepts from the bestselling book, ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari.

Let’s sit down and have a frank talk about what happiness means to us. This will be an open discussion where you will also have the chance to share your own thoughts as well.

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