Weekend Warriors – Becoming Digital one click at a time
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1 year ago
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Students are known as consumers of knowledge. But here is a bunch of girl students who are creators of knowledge. They are from Dr. G. Shankar Govt Women’s College, Ajjarakadu, Udupi, Karnataka. This is a college at coastal Karnataka, at Udupi, the city known for famous Krishna Temple. While most students enjoy on weekends, these students assemble on weekends and edit Wikipedia. As all of you know, Wikipedia is the source of open knowledge. These students are part of a certificate course called Wiki ELearning. By adding articles and expanding existing articles in Kannada Wikipiedia, they create free knowledge which anyone can consume. These students are part of a research project titled “Research on effectiveness of Wikipedia in Education as a platform of improving the cognitive ability among students”. The students take a test on cognitive skills in the beginning of the course, at mid-way and at the end of the course. The idea is to see if the cognitive skills are improved because of editing Wikipedia. The course is half-way now. Results of the evaluation done at mid-term will be presented.

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