Using digital storytelling to review design discussions
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2 years ago
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Method: A novel technique for an objective review of design decisions by externalizing the context using puppets as prompts in digital storytelling


“We need a story that starts with an earthquake and works up to a climax.”- Sam Goldwyn

The language of design is multifaceted; storytelling is tacit. Knowledge, experience, or simply an idea shared through visual narratives transform conversations into a reliable or preferable source of information for analysis, criticism, and further ideation. Visual storytelling, an alter-ego to the traditional storyboarding format, is used as a tool in the following context for externalizing a concept and discussions around it.

The following case study spotlights the medium of visual narrative demonstrating the idea of a speculative setting in outlining the near future and unfolding the consequences of the actions of today in the world tomorrow.

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