Using cardgame as a method for speculative thinking
Presented by: Jahnavinp
2 years ago
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While climate change and political conflicts have been affecting food and lifestyle, the pandemic shattered the global economy deepening the gap in safe and healthy food access. Aiming to address the UN’s zero hunger goal, my research revolved around the phrase-End hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition.

Foodverse is a narrative experience of a dystopian future where your food decisions dictate the way you live and the world you live in. Designed for a conversation through interaction, the research is consolidated into a game, where the use of cards transports the user into a world away from reality, opening their minds to thoughts and ideas from the usual. Prompts were used throughout the game to create varied moments of reflection and learning. The game paints the picture of an alternate future where the society collapses if the food declines- aligned to create awareness of the UN’s cry to eradicate hunger.


The benefit of this method is it can be used in the industry for speculative thinking and future planning

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