Universe, Life and Information
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This talk observes that there is information is physical world and life is a process around using this information. A consequence of which, are beings (humans), which can ponder on the physical worlds, life and much more.

To expand on it a little: For some reason, universe is not random. It follows rules. Those rules and initial circumstances lead to matter in certain configurations. Like galaxies, solar systems within them and planets in the solar systems. One of those planets is Earth. For some reason, a process started on earth, which captures and keeps some of this information. A process we call life. Life used a storage unit, DNA, to replicate and pass this information. Over time, this process, lead to an even more flexible storage – Brain, and an external process (social knowledge/culture) around it. One of the species with this brain evolved to have language, tools which expand senses and more. Which has further lead to some understanding of universe, life and more. But more than that, our collective brains has lead to information which didn’t exist in physical world. Maths, art, programming, finance and much more.

This talk is about going through some of these things. Mostly stressing on the perspective in the above sentence. Sharing some observations and sources (books, articles) on some of the topics. Etc. It’s not about details. I am definitely not an authority on any of these topics. My aim is to share the overall context and hopefully, my excitement and wonder. I could be wrong on many details. But I think, it’s ok build a perspective/model and then correct it as one gains more information. Without a perspective/model, there is little to build on.

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