Scaling Notifications Volume from 10M/day to 100M/day
Presented by: rv_vegeta
1 year ago
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Koo – is a vernacular microblogging platform that focuses primarily on the 600M non native english speakers. In Koo I Own the Notifications Engine, which decides what notification to send, when to send, and how to send.

This talk will be a deep dive for the same.

In this talk, We will discuss..

  1. Basics of Notification, its use cases and why it is so important.
  2. The challenges with old architecture and its drawbacks.
  3. Migration to the New Architecture.
    1. Architecture, the tech used to build the new services.
    2. The Scale (100M as of now), and the latency.
    3. How we are using Kubernetes for scaling.
  4. The impact of moving to a new architecture.
  5. Future Improvements.
  6. Any Questions people might have.
  • Deep Dive

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