Analysing ‘Kantara’ on your Command Line
Presented by: Vivek Vijayan
1 year ago
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Analysing Kantara on your Command Line

Data professions (Engineers, Scientists, Analysts) always receive data from various sources and they have to quickly decide if the data is worth working on. This is akin to doctors who see patients with various symptoms. What almost all doctors do universally is to use their stethoscope first. But data professionals jump to write code in Python or R or some programming language or even worse try to analyse with spreadsheets. This is when simple command line tools are present at their disposal. This session will be a hands-on session on using command line to analyse data, taking as example the analysis of the recent movie Kantara with the dataset from IMDB

Pre-requisites to attend the session:

  • Laptop with Docker installed to save time; image for the session will be provided at the venue via a link.
  • No familiarity with command line tools is expected

  • Deep Dive

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